Cerapol Ceramic Glass Cooktop Cleaner H84


Hillmark Cerapol is essential for all cooktop owners & is the second step in the Ceramic Glass Care routine. Cerapol thoroughly cleans the surface of ceramic glass cooktops including hard water calcium stains, metal flakes and metallic sheen, preventing permanent damage.

Available: 250ml bottle


  • Specially formulated for cleaning and polishing ceramic glass cooktops
  • Makes light work of spills, stains & marks – even those that can’t be seen
  • Guaranteed not to scratch or damage the cooktop
  • Environmentally friendly & biodegradable

Where this product can be used?

  • Kitchen in particular ceramic glass cooktops
  • Other glass surfaces around the home

What materials is this product suitable for?

  • Ceramic Glass surfaces
  • Glass surfaces

Handy hints

  • Never use any abrasive cleaners or cloths, as they will scratch the surface
  • Never use any scourers or steel wool
  • Plastic & aluminium foil should never be allowed to melt on

Safety tips

  • Ensure you remove any food or cleaner residue
  • Avoid direct contact with food



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