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So much more than ‘just’ a grill, Kalamazoo outdoor kitchens and grills set a new level for cooking outdoors. And once you try Kalamazoo, you’ll never look back. Innovative and passionate, the visionary creators behind the luxury outdoor kitchen brand Kalamazoo strive for excellence and perfection, and they succeed on every level.

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In 1998, Kalamazoo introduced the Dual-Fuel Grill, a truly revolutionary design unlike anything else on the market. It unleashed flavors and versatility never before possible. Kalamazoo set out to fundamentally change not just grilling, but the entire outdoor cooking experience. They have since evolved the Dual-Fuel Grill into the even more formidable Hybrid Fire Grill – the most high performance gas grill in the world that allows you to cook with any combination of gas, wood, charcoal.

Their passion extends beyond equipment and design – they truly love to cook. The talented designers at Kalamazoo are driven by a deep-rooted passion for outdoor cooking and harbour a fiercely independent design ethos, both of which make the outdoor kitchen hit new heights when it comes to performance, aesthetics and functionality. Rigorous testing in the harshest environments means that every Kalamazoo outdoor kitchen is made to stand the test of time.

Whether you are looking for the world’s best grills, pizza ovens, smoker cabinets or outdoor cabinetry and refrigeration, Kalamazoo outdoor kitchens quite simply, can’t be surpassed.

Kalamazoo Grills

Kalamazoo Grills

Feel the adrenaline as fire roars into life and your outdoor culinary experience begins. Kalamazoo knows that cooking outdoors is all about the experience and the feelings associated with connecting with the elements, so they put that to the fore. With unparalleled firepower, custom-engineered burners, enhanced heat circulation and live-fire cooking capabilities, Kalamazoo grills are nothing short of visionary.  Whether you choose a Hybrid Fire Grill, a Gaucho Wood-Fired Grill, Shokunin Kamado Grill or the all-new drop-in style Gas Grill Head, you’ll be glad that you chose a Kalamazoo grill for all your BBQ-ing needs.

    Blazing wood. Brilliant flames. You’re in complete control. Built from heavy stainless steel and featuring high powered gas burners, chain-driven, height-adjustable rotisserie with 33-inch spit, the Gaucho grill harnesses the rugged power and incomparable flavor of wood fire grilling.
    Kalamazoo invented the category. Then, they perfected it. With various options to suit your lifestyle, the hybrid fire gas grill has two cast bronze burners, heavy-duty stainless steel rod grill grates and a hybrid fire grilling drawer for wood and charcoal. These are just some of the features which will make your outdoor cooking experience the best it can be. 
    The Kalamazoo outdoor gourmet Shokunin Kamado grill incorporates the time-honored elements of a traditional Kamado-style barbecue, with innovative new design features for greater cooking flexibility and ease. The rectangular shape is ideal for cooking with an offset fire and two inches of insulation offer unprecedented heat retention and efficiency.
    Kalamazoo’s signature performance meets your signature aesthetic. More than three hundred pounds of handcrafted stainless steel and expert design combine in the effortlessly adaptable Gas Grill Head.

Maximum Outdoor Protection


For customers who live near the ocean and require extra protection from the harsh salt-water environment, Kalamazoo is excited to offer the world’s first complete outdoor kitchen collection available in marine-grade stainless steel (316L).

Marine-grade stainless steel is available as an upgrade on Kalamazoo grills, pizza ovens, cooktops and cabinetry and refrigeration. It offers greater resistance against corrosion, pitting and rust resulting from ocean-spray and saltwater elements over time.

Engineered by Kalamazoo to withstand the test of time, seaside residents can now have added peace of mind by upgrading to marine-grade stainless steel. The only thing left is to sit back and enjoy a lifetime of stress-free outdoor entertaining.

Kalamazoo Pizza Ovens


With fire above and fire below, the ingenious design of the Kalamazoo Artisan Fire Pizza Oven beautifully harnesses the characteristics of a wood-fired oven, while also offering the ease and convenience of a gas-powered flame. It preheats quickly and cooks Neapolitan-style pizza with the perfect texture and flavor in less than three minutes.

Start a pizza night tradition in your garden and gather loved ones to create culinary memories that will last a lifetime. And pizza is just the start! Dual burners provide complete control over every adjustment, and the hollow-core cooking deck reacts quickly, providing incredible versatility. Open up a world of possibility by roasting meats, fish and vegetables as well as baking bread and desserts..

The cooking heat comes from above, while you use the bottom burner for balance – creating perfect pizzas with crispy crusts. Pizza perfection. And, if you live near the ocean, you can choose to have your pizza oven made of marine-grade stainless steel, ensuring the absolute highest resistance against corrosion, pitting, and rust over time.

There is more to a pizza oven than just pizza…. roast meats, fish and vegetables, the possibilities are endless. Kalamazoo high performance pizza ovens are as stylish, powerful, and exceptionally versatile. A must in any outdoor kitchen!

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