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Wolf Cooktops

Whether you prefer an induction cooktop, one powered by gas, or an integration of both, the Sub Zero and Wolf cooktops offer flexibility and faultless design across the entire range.

Sub Zero and Wolf cooktops are not only great to look at – they are inspired by the professional kitchen and meticulously designed with performance, discretion and aesthetics in mind. Using exceptional materials and assembled by skilled artisans, Wolf cooktops tick every box.

With a the flexibility to create a cooktop configured to suits you needs, you will have the freedom to combine, induction, gas, steam and grills for the ultimate multi-zone cooking experience.

Wolf Induction Cooktops

Wolf Induction Cooktops

Sear, simmer and saute in complete confidence with a Wolf induction cooktop for your kitchen.

The state-of-the-art induction cooktops by Sub Zero and Wolf are able to heat cookware instantly, delivering precise control at both high and low end of the temperature scale. With an induction cooktop designed by the kitchen experts at Wolf, you are guaranteed perfect results every time. Wolf induction cooktops are 90-95% energy efficient due to energy being supplied directly to the pan which means no heat is wasted.

Beautiful features such as the backlit white LED touch controls are so typical Sub Zero and Wolf. The classic stainless steel trim coordinates with other Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances which opens up a world of possibility, allowing you to pair with other Sub Zero and Wolf integrated modules for the perfect multi-zone cooking experience. 

Gas Cooktops

Whether you choose a transitional cooktop or prefer the look of the professional gas cooktop by Wolf, the power is in your hands.

Not just high power, but also low-heat finesse sets the Wolf gas cooktop apart from its rivals, protecting your investment in fine ingredients and producing incredible results time after time. Details such as a stainless steel burner pan makes cleaning up a doddle, whilst the patented design of dual-stacked burners give the home chef greater control and the ability for restaurant-quality soups and sauces every single time. The porcelain-coated, cast iron grates enable the ability to slide pots easily on and off the gas from one burner to another.

You’ll cook  with more confidence than ever before and the results will leave guests hungry for more.

Integrated Cooktops
by Wolf

Luxury integrated cooktops by Sub Zero and Wolf give you more versatility than ever before.

Choose an induction cooktop, steamer module unit or grill module to create your ideal cooking station. The steamer can be used to steam cook all manner of foods; use it to proof bread dough, melt chocolate, and slow cook delicious  roasts, stews and soups. Choose the Sub Zero and Wolf electric grill module if you love grilling steak and fish indoors without the hassle of lava rocks or briquettes. Don’t let your kitchen appliances dictate your culinary abilities; demand what you need and let your imagination follow… 


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