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Wolf Coffee Machines


The Wolf coffee machines doesn’t just make perfect coffee; its style and design are an aspirational addition to the kitchens of homeowners and designers alike. A Wolf coffee machine is like your own personal barista at home; savour the quiet moments and enjoy your favourite coffee, frothed and foamy, all at the touch of a button. Whether you choose stacked or side-by-side, the Wolf coffee machines boast a superior performance courtesy of a bounty of advanced features. Whether you’re making a simple cup of black coffee or a double no-foam latte, you’ll find the Wolf coffee machine a joy to use and simple to maintain.  

A large internal reservoir holds nearly two litres of water at a time, negating the need for plumbing and allowing easy installation in any part of the kitchen. Cleaning the Wolf coffee machine is simple because it is designed so that milk never enters the machinery – simply press a button and a short burst of steam cleans the mechanism without need for disassembly. Likewise, a mounted glide system provides easy access to the unit, simplifying the task of replenishing the ground or whole bean coffee supply. Wolf coffee machines take away all the stresses and leave only pure unadulterated coffee-based pleasure. 

Start your day with a
Wolf Coffee Machine

Choose either stainless steel or black, for a style that will seamlessly blend into your luxury kitchen

Coffee is one of life’s greatest joys – the aroma, the way it tastes, and of course the keen anticipation of your first morning cup. But a room temperature porcelain cup quickly saps the heat from your coffee beverage, making it not nearly as enjoyable as it should be.

The art of luxury means paying attention to the quiet moments, and relishing the details. The Wolf coffee machine has a cup warming drawer to gently warm your cup to perfect sipping temperature, using air circulation to gently warm the cups yet still keep them cool enough to hold comfortably. And because it’s Sub Zero and Wolf, the drawer fully extends, gliding effortlessly out and inviting you to create coffee perfection.

Install an integrated Wolf coffee machine into the kitchen, save valuable worktop space and ensure you always have a clutter free cook space.

Barista standard
coffee at home.

Integrated wolf coffee machine

For the ultimate in coffee enjoyment, the Wolf coffee are the perfect choice and will provide satisfaction for coffee aficionados time and time again, thanks to their huge innovations in coffee-tech.

Whether you choose black or stainless steel, the M series or the E range, a Wolf coffee system will elevate your home kitchen to lofty heights. Cappuccino, latte, espresso, macchiato, tall or short coffee, and even hot water for tea are all at your fingertips with the remarkable Wolf Coffee System. Simply touch a couple of buttons and in seconds you’ll be enjoying a professional quality coffee drink, made your way every single time.


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