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Sub Zero Wine Storage

Preserve your wine with the superior-grade materials and advanced technologies of a Sub Zero wine storage

Outside influences such as temperature, humidity, light and vibration can all harm the flavour of your favourite Pouilly Fumé or Pinor Noir. As wine lovers ourselves we have shared the heartbreak of spoiled wine and the horror that pursues when it is part of a beloved wine storage collection. 

To preserve the integrity of every precious glass, Sub Zero wine storage does so much more than just chill wine. The Sub Zero wine storage systems are built with advanced preservation technologies and protective features that guard against the harmful effects of traditional storage techniques, preserving your wine for future generations. 

How Sub Zero
Wine Storage

The difficulties of storing wine are a thing of the past and you need never worry about the integrity of your favourite tipple again.

The pleasure of seeing your wines displayed on shelves fronted with fine cherrywood in your choice of size and customisation is nothing short of sublime…

A range of features for the serious wine enthusiast:

  • Blocks harmful rays with UV resistant glass, protecting the wine from outside flavours and aromas
  • Controls humidity by using dual evaporators, keeping corks steady and eradicating the  risk of a peeling label
  • Easy-glide racks gently cradle bottles to offer easy access with minimal disruption
  • Independent zones maintain the preferred heat for both red and white wines
  • Choose from stainless-steel frontage with tubular or pro style handles, or opt for custom panels to perfectly complement surrounding furniture

Raise a glass to better
wine preservation

The Sub Zero wine storage system not only performs effortlessly, but excels in aesthetics too.

The versatility of Sub Zero wine preservation systems doesn’t stop there… Two independent storage and temperature zones allow you to simultaneously maintain perfect cellar and serving conditions in the same unit. Why keep wine in the kitchen when you can pursue the delightful prospect of “satellite” preservation? Store your wine and have it on hand in any room from study to pool house to cinema room, ready to serve at precisely the right temperature at the precisely right time, every single time.

Sub Zero wine cabinets boast all the latest features which will protect your investment and increase your enjoyment of every glass of wine. With up to fifteen racks, 2 temperature zones and a 147-bottle capacity, the ICBBW-30/S is ideal for any serious wine enthusiast, whilst the discreet undercounter wine cupboard will be perfect for the dining room, study or master suite. Delivering a seamless, elegant look, this smaller wine storage solution is the ideal compact preservation for any wine lover who knows the importance of advanced wine storage technology.

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