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Sub Zero Refrigerators


The Sub Zero and Wolf refrigeration systems have long been synonymous with the sign of good taste; when kitchen appliances became a symbol of modern living in the 1950s Sub Zero’s designs became true icons and have remained so ever since. The classic louvered grille design is a look that has become one of the most imitated in home-product design and it continues to influence and inspire today. From the intuitive technology, superb ergonomics, and only using thoughtful embellishments where required- every aspect is carefully considered to bring about a luxury refrigeration system which looks completely at home in the world’s most breathtaking homes. 

Delivering fresher, longer-lasting food through innovative preservation technologies, the talented refrigeration designers at Sub Zero know the importance of creating distinct environments. Whether it’s the cool humidity of the Sub Zero refrigeration system, or the frigid dry atmosphere of the freezer, the intelligent dual design means crisper, longer-lasting fresh foods and frozen items without freezer burn. 

The epitome of
a luxury kitchen

Underpinned by a belief that your kitchen and home should be just as unique as you, the Sub Zero refrigeration systems offer a vast selection of food preservation and wine storage solutions with innovative configurations and limitless exterior customisation opportunities. Whether you opt for the Classic series, the Designer series or the Pro series of Sub Zero refrigeration systems, you’ll be choosing the most advanced food preservation technology in the industry.

Sub Zero Refrigerators – Full of Good Ideas

  • Dual refrigeration atmospheres for frozen and refrigerated foods
  • A state-of-the-art air purification system (inspired by NASA) scrubs unwanted gas and odour from the air every 20 minutes
  • Flexible storage solutions have smooth-glide drawers, spill-proof shelves and versatile door storage
  • A magnetic gasket ensures airtight closure and energy saving
  • LED lights inside to offer better visibility
  • Advanced water filtration removes particles and pollutants to dispense fresh tasting water and ice every single time
  • Precise temperature and defrost control
  • Simple control panel puts the control at your fingertips


Sub Zero Integrated Refrigerators


Like the Classic and the Professional series, the Integrated series of Sub Zero refrigerators will inspire and delight the most discerning home chef. Advanced food preservation technology marries faultless design to ensure a luxurious home refrigeration system to be proud of. Choose from a single column fridge or freezer, combination fridge/freezer or an under counter drawer and let your luxury refrigeration system melt seamlessly into your living space. 

Enhance the style of your kitchen and give it a clean, sleek, high-end appearance by installing a modern streamlined integrated refrigerator. The wide range of Sub Zero integrated refrigerator ensured there is the perfect size to fit every kitchen space.

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