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Designed to enhance and simplify your life, Sub Zero and Wolf appliances are found in the world’s finest kitchens. From Bloomberg Tower in New York, to the Hesperia Tower in Barcelona, this luxury kitchen brand is found in the finest abodes. Nothing compares to Sub Zero and Wolf appliances, and you’ll soon discover why this brand has been at the cutting edge of luxury appliance for decades. Whether you are a seasoned veteran, eager beginner, or likely, somewhere in between, you will have more confidence when you cook with the superior performance of Wolf. 

Sub Zero & Wolf has been leading the home refrigeration and cooking industry for over 70 years and believes in the art of luxury, combining aesthetic which never goes out of style with the finest materials money can buy. The art of true luxury is to enrich life so that the moments which really count can go undisturbed. Savouring that lingering taste of a favourite dish, or the laughter shared between a family… These are the pivotal moments in life which need to be treasured. These are the moments which define the art of luxury.  


From range cookers to wine storage, outdoor kitchens to ovens, Sub Zero and Wolf products undergo extensive lab testing so they can pass the far more rigorous test of your home kitchen for years to come.

Their range of kitchen appliances are truly built to stand the test of time and are beautifully hand-finished with hemmed edges and welded seams. When you choose Sub Zero and Wolf, you are choosing the finest materials that money can buy which gives you ultimate peace of mind. Their range of kitchen appliances are the perfect match for any luxury kitchen, exceeding expectations for functionality and design, whilst offering a lifetime of satisfaction.

Sub zero and wolf appliances

Iconic Design and Innovative Technology

For over 70 years Sub-Zero & Wolf has been a leading brand for professional quality refrigeration and cooking appliances for luxury kitchens.

Sub Zero and Wolf appliances are the ultimate choice when it comes to impeccable standards and unparalleled performance. A harmonious duet of form and function, you can tailor your luxury kitchen configuration to match your very wish. Their innovative designs will bend seamlessly into your kitchen becoming the centre point of your chosen design – or they can disappear into the room’s décor if you choose custom cabinetry and hardware.

Sub Zero and Wolf appliances inspire homeowners to think of their home in new ways; chilled beverages in the master suite or study, home gym or theatre room, yogurt and juice in the breakfast room or pantry. These luxury appliances take your imagination in fresh, new directions and inspire discerning homeowners every step of the way… 

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