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Gaggenau Wine Cabinets


Your Gaggenau wine climate cabinet performs like a wine cellar, effortlessly achieving its goal year after year. A wine collection needs to be preserved, cooled and presented beautifully ready for  enjoyment. The Gaggenau wine climate cabinets preserve your wines under precise temperatures, showcasing your collection and enhancing the prestige of your kitchen stylishly. For serious wine aficionados, wine is a passion bordering on obsession, equalled only by the desire for the ultimate climate cabinet to cosset your personal collection. The Gaggenau wine cabinets are exactly that – the perfect bespoke climate control storage for wine. Your wine cabinet stores, protects, impresses and tempts… What’s not to love about that?

Vario Wine Cabinet
400 Series

400 series gaggenau wine cabinet


Hand-crafted oak and anthracite aluminium fully extendable trays present your wine collection with the reverence it deserves. The Vario wine cabinet 400 series by the talented designers at Gaggenau know the features which will incite prickles of anticipation when opening to view your wine collection. Your guests will be inspired and delighted to be on the receiving end of perfectly-climatised wine, and to witness such cutting edge wine technology first-hand. 

Up to three separate temperature zones can be set between 5 °C and 20 °C replicating a wine cellar environment and creating the perfect drinking temperatures for your wine. Humidity is maintained, any noise muffled and vibrations suppressed. Your wine is then further protected with aromas filtered by activated charcoal and specially treated glass doors cut by UV rays. Exhibit your coveted collection with a warm glare free light with five pre-programmed light options – and all encased in slick stainless steel to create a truly grand architectural statement.

Vario Wine Cabinet
200 Series

More slimline than the 400 series, your 200 series Gaggenau wine cabinet is no less impressive in its performance. The talented engineers at Gaggenau have worked hard to ensure that the compartment and the cushioned door closing system are virtually vibration-free, ensuring you do not disturb the sediment of your remaining collection. Choose either 78 cm or 123 cm to hold up to 80 and 48 bottles respectively. Both wine cabinets offer presentation lights,  two climate zones, and lockable glass doors. Because this is Gaggenau and no stone is left unturned, if you choose an integrated wine cabinet it comes framed in your kitchen furniture material to blend seamlessly into your interior design and create a beautiful backdrop for your culinary adventures. If you prefer an under-the-counter option you can have it your way and choose to protect 34 bottles, in two climate zones. Uncompromised in everything but size, this wine climate cabinet will exceed expectations in every way, just as you have come to expect from luxury Gaggenau kitchen appliances.  

Choose the 400 or 200 series, with handles or without, under counter or above, 80 or 48 bottle options.. Choose Gaggenau. Watch the Gaggenau wine cooler video to see for yourself why you need a wine climate cabinet in your new kitchen, or visit our showroom to experience them in person.

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