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Gaggenau Washing Machines


The finest clothes needs the finest washing machine. Gaggenau washing machines and heat pump dryers offer discerning homeowners exceptional laundry results with the ease of spacious, well-lit drums and large portholes so you can load and unload easily. A Gaggenau washing machine is the intelligent choice when it comes to a perfectly coordinated laundry system. Both machines offer automatic programmes and communicate with each other: the dryer sets itself to the correct programme in anticipation of the wash load. Why waste precious time when Gaggenau can take care of the little details for you? Ensure your clothes always look their best, effortlessly… 

Gaggenau Washing Machine
and Condenser Dryer

Gaggenau washing machines care about your world; they operate on low energy and water consumption and have an extremely long life span so you won’t have to replace them any time soon. Protect your world and safeguard the future of your children by choosing intelligent energy-saving technology. Choose a spin speed selection from 400 to 1600 rpm to suit you and your lifestyle. These luxurious laundry machines provide space for up to 10kg of clothes and even use an intelligent dosing system for automatic control of your chosen liquid and softener.


The ‘Dynamic Wash System’ improves performance but cuts wash times, whilst the anti-stain and anti-crease programmes produce effortlessly amazing results, combine this with the Home Connect app to communicate between your Gaggenau washing machine and heat pump dryer for seamless laundry perfection. 

Heat Pump

Gaggenau heat pump dryer

No-one wants to have their day dictated by laundry, so ensure that your luxury laundry appliances look after you instead. The Gaggenau dryer houses a self-cleaning condenser heat exchanger to minimise manual efforts so that you can enjoy the more important things in life. Intelligent technology means that the heat pump dryer readies itself for the washer load in the washing machine, and up to 9kg of laundry can be dried quietly and efficiently. 

Look after your designer clothing with a heat pump dryer that really cares for your treasured fabrics. Select the ‘Steam Refresh’ programme to breathe new life into lightly worn/creased clothing- why waste precious planet resources on a whole wash/dry if it’s not needed? The Gaggenau heat pump dryer is the perfect accompaniment to the washing machine and readies itself for the end of the wash load. Laundry day just looked a whole lot more stylish… and with intelligent Home Connect technology you can integrate your laundry system with the rest of your luxury kitchen appliances. When you choose luxury like this, your home life will become a whole lot easier (and more beautiful). Choose the best, choose Gaggenau. 

Visit our luxury kitchen appliance showroom in Devon and see the luxury Gaggenau washing machines and heat pump dryers in person. The cutting-edge technology will impress the most discerning homeowner and make you glad that you chose Gaggenau.  

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