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Gaggenau Extractors

As the kitchen becomes more than just a place to prepare food, the discrete yet effective extraction of steam and grease from the atmosphere becomes vital.

Gaggenau extractors use quiet motors and will blend into your cookspace seamlessly. Choose to control the extractor manually or automatically, choose to mount your Gaggenau extractor on the ceiling or wall, within cupboards, above islands or on the cooktop… these ever-versatile extractors have been designed with discretion and airflow in mind.

Which Gaggenau
Extractor Will
You Choose?

Choose either the 400 series or 200 series Gaggenau extractor to suit your individual culinary needs. Gaggenau extractors give the private chef a wide range of options for a truly bespoke kitchen solution. Effective air recirculation and dimmable illumination are just some of the features discerning homeowners covet from the Gaggenau range. You can look forward to a vast range of options when you choose Gaggenau which means your new kitchen will be completely bespoke and centred around the needs of the chef. Your chosen extractor will provide perfect, energy-saving harmonic integration into the architecture of the kitchen. Visit our Gaggenau showroom to experience the cutting edge technology first hand. You’ll soon see why the difference is Gaggenau…

Gaggenau Extractor
400 Series


The 400 series extractor represents the epitome of air management and is quite simply unsurpassed. Whether modular ceiling ventilation, island hood, wall-mounted hood, table or downdraft ventilation, the 400 series Gaggenau extractor flaunts a bold design aesthetic 

with highly efficient filters to ensure professional performance as standard. The 400 series is designed to complement the 400 series cooktop, and also has integrated dimmable lighting to add ambiance to your cookspace. These intelligent extractors are sensor-controlled to act fast on the build up of cooking vapours. Choose:

  • Vario ceiling ventilation
  • Table ventilation
  • Downdraft ventilation
  • Island hood
  • Wall-mounted hood

200 Series

table extractor

The 200 series Gaggenau extractor has something for every kitchen and offers the private chef a high degree of versatility and diversity. Whether you choose the downdraft and table ventilation at counter level, the modernist wall-mounted or classic island hood design, or perhaps the ceiling options and invisible extractors hidden within kitchen units is more your style, Gaggenau 200 series extractors deliver on every level. If you choose ceiling ventilation, when not in use it can be completely lifted onto the ceiling or integrated in the ceiling so that it disappears and leaves only the clean lines of your kitchen. Most versions provide high-powered illumination and can either be manually controlled or function on automatic; self-adjusting the fan speed depending on the vapour they detect. Designed to complement the 200 series cooktop, these are intelligent extractors with a difference. Choose:

  • Ceiling ventilation
  • Table ventilation
  • Vario downdraft ventilation
  • Island hood
  • Wall-mounted hood
  • Flat kitchen hood
  • Canopy extractor

Gaggenau extractors do not just look the part, they are designed with efficiency, discretion and performance in mind. Visit our showroom and see the luxury high performance extractors in person. You’ll be glad you chose Gaggenau.  

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