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The Gaggenau dishwasher holds your precious belongings in high regard – you wouldn’t launder your cashmere sweater in a mangel, so why would you run your luxury collection of dinnerware and glassware through a standard dishwasher? If you are looking for a luxury high end dishwasher that looks good and cleans beautifully, you need look no further. Explore our range of Gaggenau dishwashers and understand how this designer kitchen brand elevates the world of appliances, protecting and cleaning your treasured items with intelligent technology at the fore. 



When you choose Gaggenau, you’ll benefit from thoughtful features such as a long-stemmed glass holder and a silvercare cartridge accessory to ensure the fragile is protected. A discreet built-in LED projector displays the status of the washing cycle onto the floor – a clever way to keep up to speed with your dishwasher whilst remaining firmly focused on entertaining your guests. Zeolite technology offers gentle drying to save your porcelain and delicate glassware from the pressures of excessive heat; during the drying cycle, the fans inside the dishwasher circulate the moist air through the chamber; the zeolite (a mineral that naturally absorbs moisture and emits heat) absorbs the water molecules. Smooth running rails and silicon-tipped folding racks are provided on all Gaggenau dishwashers to keep glassware secure, whilst a third drawer offers enough space to stow small bowls and cups safely. 

Gaggenau dishwashers are equipped with intelligent Aqua-Sensor controls regulating the quality and amount of water, running time and wash temperature. The sensors also detect the size of the load and the degree of soiling before calculating optimum water volume and temperature, providing you with the best possible results in washing while saving precious resources. All of this, because you deserve the best. Cleanse your dishes with intelligence, eco-credentials and care courtesy of the luxury dishwasher experts at Gaggenau. You’ll be glad you chose the best.

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With the 400 series, users can personalise the eight programmes and four options, shorten the cycle time and temporarily reduce the noise, for instance when you are entertaining. The four Gaggenau dishwashers which comprise the 200 series each offer users six programmes with a variety of adjustments including time and noise reduction. Flexible hinges allow for a more fitted, integrated installation, almost anywhere in the kitchen. Should you require an extra cleaning area or Zeolite drying, handleless door or a 45 cm slimline model, the 200 series can accommodate you. Once complete, simply push-to-open and the dishwasher illuminates both you and your dishes with a diffused, glowing light. And all this can be achieved remotely using your Home Connect app which syncs your world, seamlessly.

Gaggenau dishwashers do not just look the part, they are designed with efficiency, care and performance in mind. Visit our showroom and see the luxury high performance dishwashers in action in person. You’ll be glad you chose Gaggenau.

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Visit our luxury kitchen appliance showroom in Devon and allow us to introduce you to the range of Gaggenau dishwashers. The innovative technologies and exquisite design will impress the most discerning homeowner, other brands on show include Steel, Kalamazoo and Delivita. We look forward to meeting you at our luxury kitchen appliance showroom soon.

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