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Gaggenau Coffee Machines


Gaggenau are leaders when it comes to intelligent design, and Gaggenau coffee machines are no different. Both the 400 and 200 series fully-automatic espresso machines inspire the home barista to create bespoke, professional standard coffees and in their own home. Why make do, when you can make it perfect with Gaggenau? With a distinct focus on taste, aroma and ethical credentials, aesthetic coffee connoisseurs choose Gaggenau time and time again to elevate their passion for coffee.

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Gaggenau coffee machines blend seamlessly into the Gaggenau oven combinations to provide streamlined perfection for coffee connoisseurs who know exactly what they like. Choose from two colour options for the 400 series (stainless steel-backed full glass door, or full glass door in Gaggenau anthracite), and three colour options for the 200 series (silver, metallic or Gaggenau anthracite). The Gaggenau coffee machine has been the aspiration of coffee aficionados for decades with advanced aroma brewing technology for a fully robust aroma. Make yours a Gaggenau and join the lucky individuals who benefit from this level of coffee perfection. 

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Whether you choose a Gaggenau 400 series coffee machine, or opt for the 200 series, you can adjust the strength, temperature, amount of milk and coffee and number of cups you would like to make. Each coffee machine excels in both function and form. The empty grinding functions mean you can switch between different bean types without them mixing together. If you choose the complementary warming drawers, you’ll find that they are versatile and of course keep your cups warm, but can also be used to warm plates. The warming drawers invite creativity in the kitchen and can also be the place for proofing dough, defrosting, browning or even slow cooking a meal.

Little touches like this show how the difference is Gaggenau – you just don’t get this level of perfectionism with other coffee machine brands.

The Beauty of Gaggenau Coffee Machines


At every stage of the coffee-making process, your coffee’s water is kept at a constant temperature – this serves to release the aroma (but not the bitter compounds), creating a smooth, delicious coffee every time.

Intuition and intelligent technology is what sets the Gaggenau coffee machine apart from sub-standard competitors. The insulated milk container is uniquely situated on a weighing scale so that the coffee machine can warn you if the milk is running too low to make your choice of beverage. 

Each choice of drink has customisable options which allows you to select your preferred size, strength and temperature, setting your preferences to a program which remembers just how you like it. Short, tall, strong, milky, foamy, straight…However you take your coffee, take it seriously with Gaggenau. 

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Gaggenau coffee machines are voted the best built-in coffee machines time and time again by coffee connoisseurs.

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