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Gaggenau appliances are the epitome of quality.

The promise is one of understated luxury, with style and function at its core. Stripped back of gimmicks with beauty and supreme functionality laid bare, their extensive range of appliances are designed without compromise. Every single Gaggenau product is designed and engineered, not just to the highest standards, but to the Gaggenau standard. 

For 300 years the innovators at Gaggenau still handcraft many of their luxury kitchen appliances. From hand-shaping the initial sheet of steel to the meticulous assembly of digital interfaces, each stage of the production process proudly passes through a skilled craftsperson’s hands. Gaggenau appliances are functional objets d’art – an iconic classic in every sense of the word.

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Gaggenau celebrates intuitive technology whilst simultaneously honouring the heritage of craftsmanship to bring about something quite beyond exception. From cooktops to refrigeration to dishwashers and coffee machines… the luxury appliances will elevate your cookspace to become a true kitchen of distinction. Simply beautiful and beautifully simple, Gaggenau appliances raise the bar for kitchen perfection. Thoughtful touches implemented across the entire Gaggenau range will complete your cookspace whilst elevating your culinary prowess at the same time. When you choose a Gaggenau appliance, your culinary masterpieces are limited by your imagination alone.

We take pride in providing the best kitchen appliances in the marketplace and are passionate about client satisfaction. If you want to enhance your next project with luxury kitchen appliances, your dedicated specialist here at Bradshaw Luxury will guide you through the product portfolio and remain dedicated to your project until completion.  

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The creation of every Gaggenau appliance begins with the concept of function and form. Bradshaw Luxury are proud to be one of the leading providers in the UK because quite frankly, there is nothing better in the marketplace. Gaggenau appliances make a statement; they speak of style, class and boast the luxury of exceptional capability. They epitomise the art of culinary excellence. Aspirational and trailblazing, Gaggenau kitchen designers leave no stone unturned in their quest for perfection. You deserve the best, you deserve Gaggenau.

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To truly appreciate the unique qualities of our luxury kitchen appliances, you need to experience them first-hand. Cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art design and faultless craftsmanship come together here at our designer kitchen showroom in Devon; come and immerse yourself in aspirational kitchen design. Get in touch to benefit from a personal tour of our showroom in Newton Abbot, where we will be happy to demonstrate the range of ovens, cooktop, wine cabinets, refrigerators and dishwashers

Why We Recommend Gaggenau Appliances


We are proud to be a leading UK supplier of Gaggenau kitchen appliances, and the South West’s largest dedicated showroom. Using principles founded in professional kitchens, Gaggenau designers are inspired by the spaces where everything exists to serve the chef. We covet Gaggenau appliances because they inspire the ambitious private chef to create a kitchen of distinction. We recommend Gaggenau to discerning clients who know that thoughtful touches make every bit of difference. Innovative and dynamic, their enviable range of products displays a dedication to craftsmanship, heritage and performance that is second-to-none.  

Here at Bradshaw Luxury we don’t simply specify kitchen appliances, we work fastidiously alongside homeowners and architects to reach a bespoke solution for the every project’s needs. We treat each and every kitchen design personally, taking the time to ensure that each project is executed with meticulous attention to detail. Working with luxury kitchen brands makes our job easy – when appliances are this sublime, your every whim is our complete and utter pleasure.

In over 330 years of constant change, Gaggenau have learned that there are only three sacred constants in the production of the exceptional: the vision of the designer, the quality of materials and the skill of the craftsperson.

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