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Fisher & Paykel Refrigerators

When you choose to enhance your home with Fisher and Paykel refrigerators, you’re choosing timeless aesthetics and powerful performance that not only look great, but will work hard to keep your food fresher for longer. Select a single versatile appliance or build your perfect combination to suit your food storage needs. Whether you choose fridge only, freezer only, or a combination of both with under counter and side-by-side options, Fisher and Paykel refrigeration systems will impress the most discerning homeowner. 

Keeping ingredients as fresh as possible until the moment they are ready to be used is key to perfect results in the kitchen. With Fisher and Paykel refrigerators and freezers you can create the perfect climate for each foodstuff. Dual zones give you the versatility and control to adjust the temperature and humidity for the best in cool storage. Given that the refrigerator door is the most opened door in the household, maintaining a steady temperature can be quite the challenge for refrigeration designers. The talented team at Fisher and Paykel utilise a clever combination of microprocessors, sensors, independently controlled fans and vents which bring the refrigerator back to equilibrium quicker after a change has been detected. This means that your food will stay just as you want it; cool, fresh and delicious. 

Redefine the way
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Keeping ingredients fresh is key to perfect results in the kitchen.

With more than 33% of the world’s food production lost to waste every year, Fisher and Paykel believe when it comes to sustainability, every little bit counts. Farmers and producers go to great lengths to ensure the food we buy is fresh when it reaches the shelves. Don’t let fresh produce wilt and dwindle prematurely because of sub-standard refrigeration systems. Choose a Fisher and Paykel refrigerator to keep your produce as crisp and delicious as nature intended it to be. Greater performance means we can each play our part in reducing food waste.

Luxury refrigeration means harnessing the wonder of state-of-the-art technology, and Fisher and Paykel innovate to create the finest refrigeration systems in the industry. They designed the Humidity Control System and in doing so, developed the ideal microclimate to slow the natural respiration and transpiration changes that degrade fruit and vegetables. Less food waste saves our pocket and helps to save the planet, challenging climate change every step of the way. 

Decades of product development, testing and innovation are built in to every Fisher & Paykel refrigerator and with ActiveSmart™ technology incorporated across the entire range, choosing the perfect refrigerator couldn’t be simpler.

Fisher & Paykel

Create the perfect climate for your favourite food

When food freezes, ice crystals form within the cells. When you use an inefficient freezer, the water molecules in food will expand and break down the cell walls. This will encourage moisture to be lost when food is thawed, in turn creating dry food with an impaired flavour. Freezing food efficiently as possible keeps ice crystals small which protects the integrity of the frozen food and gives perfect results every time.

Creating a suite of complementary refrigeration and freezer appliances gives you the flexibility to store a wide variety of ingredients at their optimal temperature and humidity – locking in flavours to inspire the most adventurous of home chefs.

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Fisher & Paykel

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You have to experience luxury refrigeration systems first-hand to truly appreciate the craftsmanship and forward-thinking technology.  Visit our showroom and see the luxury high performance refrigeration systems in person. Other brands on show include Gaggenau, KalamazooWolf, and Steel Cucine.

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