Steel appliances is an Italian manufacturer of expertly crafted cooking appliances made from the highest grade materials, featuring a flair for colourful design, synonymous with Italian culture.

Situated near Bologna in the Reggio Emilia region considered the country’s food capital, the brand shares a similar heritage to Bradshaw Luxury having been owned and run since it was founded in 1999 by the dynamic and experienced Po family. The third generation to be involved in the making of cooking equipment, their legacy can be traced back to 1922 and Angelo Po, whose production of the first handmade stainless steel stoves is still revered today. His firm remain world leaders in professional catering equipment for restaurants, hotels and resorts more than 90 years on.

Today, Steel appliances are considered a specialist at the forefront of range cooker and hood design and innovation, expressed through a passion for beauty and functionality. The company demands excellence at every step of the manufacturing process, delivered by a passionate and skilled workforce at its factory in Capri. Attention to detail, a colourful choice of finishes, and the professional performance of its products are hallmarks that make the brand a world leader.

Combining technology, tradition and contemporary style, Steel is an evolution-seeker unafraid to embrace new ways and techniques of living and cooking. Its centrepiece range cookers are described by the company as exclusive objects dedicated to connoisseurs of high cuisine and design. Each one is built as a timeless cooking tool, offering great flexibility and power. Bradshaw Luxury is the sole supplier of Steel in the UK.