From classic white to elegant stainless steel, Liebherr appliances offer range of products with an array of features to choose from, making day-to-day food storage that little bit easier.

Innovative technologies combined with a range of niche sizes of built-in or freestanding fridges and freezers you can be sure whichever model you choose it will integrate beautifully within your kitchen.


BioFresh provides customised refrigeration zones so that even sensitive foods, such as tropical fruits or fish, can retain their fresh flavour and vitamin-content for much longer. Food storage with BioFresh.

Wine expertise

Lovingly cultivated, competently aged and served at the perfect temperature – only with just the right storage technology can wine be savoured to its utmost. Absolutely perfect wine storage.


Liebherr refrigerators and freezers, with their innovative technologies, bring a greater pleasure to eating and drinking. Technologies that enhance enjoyment.


When it comes to product development, Liebherr’s aim is to create appliances that make everyday life easier. Convenient functions.


Award-winning designs: In terms of both finish and form, Liebherr appliances exude a timeless elegance and reflect the latest trends in interior design. Design editions.

Saving energy

Functions, features and materials used: we fully capitalise on the potential savings offered by every single component to ensure that we achieve the highest energy efficiencies. Save energy with Liebherr.

Assured quality

To maintain Liebherr’s extremely high quality standards, every production step is subject to strict monitoring procedures.

Very good reasons

Proven quality, food storage that guarantees greater freshness, and high energy efficiency: there are plenty of very good reasons to choose Liebherr! That’s why Liebherr.

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