Steel Cucine

Steel is an Italian manufacturer of expertly crafted cooking appliances made from the highest grade materials, featuring a flair for colourful design, synonymous with Italian culture.

Situated near Bologna in the Reggio Emilia region considered the country’s food capital, the brand shares a similar heritage to Bradshaw Luxury having been owned and run since it was founded in 1999 by the dynamic and experienced Po family. The third generation to be involved in the making of cooking equipment, their legacy can be traced back to 1922 and Angelo Po, whose production of the first handmade stainless steel stoves is still revered today. His firm remain world leaders in professional catering equipment for restaurants, hotels and resorts more than 90 years on.

Today, Steel is considered a specialist at the forefront of range cooker and hood design and innovation, expressed through a passion for beauty and functionality. The company demands excellence at every step of the manufacturing process, delivered by a passionate and skilled workforce at its factory in Capri. Attention to detail, a colourful choice of finishes, and the professional performance of its products are hallmarks that make the brand a world leader.

Combining technology, tradition and contemporary style, Steel is an evolution-seeker unafraid to embrace new ways and techniques of living and cooking. Its centrepiece range cookers are described by the company as exclusive objects dedicated to connoisseurs of high cuisine and design. Each one is built as a timeless cooking tool, offering great flexibility and power. Bradshaw Luxury is the sole supplier of Steel in the UK.

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Lynx hasve taken al fresco entertaining to new heights, creating luxury outdoor kitchens for a discerning clientele, and leading to the US firm having beening labelled makers of the “world’s greatest grill”*.

Founded on 30 years of stainless steel kitchen production for the restaurant industry, its outdoor kitchens are built to endure heavy use and stand the test of time, including exposure to extreme weather conditions. They also set the standard for form and function, with an easy to clean design courtesy of a special welding technique that eliminates gaps and seams where moisture and grease can accumulate.

Since launching in 1996, Lynx has established a reputation for engineering excellence and the introduction of proprietary technologies and custom features have ensured a loyal customer base. Its design engineers continually strive for the next innovation to add to a long list of industry firsts and this has resulted in such advances as Lynx’s hood assist kit, which makes lifting and lowering the grill’s hood effortless, the Lynx ProSear variable infrared burner, for cooking at high and low temperatures, and the use of cast brass burners for holding and radiating high temperatures. Grills are available in five models (built-in and freestanding), ranging in size from 27 to 54 inches. The product line up also includes a comprehensive options list to suit individual requirements.

Lynx is home to a highly trained team who have developed their skills over many years and its dedication to excellence makes Bradshaw Luxury proud to be its sole UK importer and distributor.

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Hillmark appreciates life is too short to be spent cleaning, which is why it is dedicated to developings time-saving solutions for keeping appliances and surfaces spotless.

Its environmentally friendly, Australian-made products do away with the need for harsh chemicals around the home and focus on biodegradable formulas for cutting through grime in next to no time. Hillmark has built up this respected eco-conscious reputation during 25 years of trading and continues to push the boundaries with cleaning products to suit all surfaces in the kitchen and beyond.

Bradshaw Luxury is the exclusive UK dealer for its product range and whether you require something for stainless steel, ceramic, glass, granite, marble, reconstituted stone, or you want to keep everything from cookware and range hoods to coffee machines in top condition, Hillmark is anthe established, market leading name you can trust.

Its cleaning solutions have been tried, tested and recommended by another Bradshaw Luxury brand in Fisher & Paykel, as well as a host of other major kitchen appliance brands.

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Gaggenau applies four key design principles to its uncompromising range of appliances: each one must be authentic, sculptural, present and generous.

Authentic in the choice of materials and present in its design language, the ultra high-end German manufacturer employs the avant-garde aesthetics and durability of stainless steel, aluminium, brass, cast iron, glass and enamel made from a closely guarded formularecipe. Each appliance is designed to be with an incisive generosity placed at the heart of the family kitchen.

that is recognised and acclaimed by chefs and architects alike. (incisive generosity? What does this mean? Can you remove or amend? Bit flowery!

Gaggenau launched the first combi-steam oven for domestic use more than 15 years ago. Since then, it has maintained a leading role in this area through consistent, innovative development. The latest technical advance in 2015: a fully automatic cleaning system the customer can start at the touch of a button. Its extraordinary ovens feature an internal enamel recognised as a quality mark. Glass plates, oxides and additives are ground, mixed to a unique blend and sprayed in a generously thick layer on the oven. This not only allows the inside to glow a trademark Gaggenau blue, but also enables pyrolysis, or automatic self-cleaning, so stubborn stains can be removed easily.

Its premium baking, cooking, cooling, coffee, dishwashing and ventilation products are unafraid to challenge the established, continually breaking the mouuld and paving the way for new ideas. The company also celebrates an unsurpassed heritage history of high performance kitchen appliances dating back to 17th century Germany and at the forefront of high performance kitchen appliances, tracing its history directly back to the 17th century and the arrival of the age of industrial craftsmanship.

Bradshaw Luxury is a leading UK supplier of Gaggenau products, which are recognised and acclaimed by both chefs and architects.

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Fisher & Paykel

Founded in New Zealand and now an international manufacturer operating in 50 countries, Fisher & Paykel make environmentally conscious premium appliances that improve life through innovative design.

The company recently conducted major research into how people cook and use their kitchens, leading them to develop a design philosophy for helping families interact through food, called ‘The Social Kitchen’. Its desirable and intuitive range aims to make mundane tasks more enjoyable for a greater richness of experience often overlooked by traditional kitchen planning and appliances. Using its global reach to build a local understanding of modern family living in all four corners of the world, Fisher & Paykel’s adaptable, functional and durable products are built with real quality for real people by a skilled and dedicated workforce.

With a pioneering heritage of introducing world class technologies that datess back to 1934, this culture of curiosity has recently seen the company develop the CoolDrawer™, a multi-temperature drawer-based fridge, and CookSurface™, where retractable trivets create a flat ceramic glass surface for easy cleaning. Both products have won multiple design and innovation awards, alongside other products products in its range.

Fisher & Paykel also has a proud legacy of looking after the future of the planet through sustainable design. Aided by New Zealand’s clean, green reputation, this is achieved through appliances that limiting the impact on natural resources and an environmentally conscious global operation. The company runs a comprehensive recycling program, as well as continual energy and water consumption reduction efforts in both manufacturing and the new product design process.

Bradshaw Luxury is a leading supplier of the Fisher & Paykel cook, cool and cleaning ranges in the UK.

Perhaps a line about Bradshaw Luxury being a leading supplier in the UK?

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