Oxford 100 hood

Available in:
Standard colours: Gloss Black, Cream, Burgundy
Le Creuset colours: Amethyst, Mineral Blue, Cotton and Sisal

Features: 900 mc/h, stainless steel filters, led lights, 4 speeds, switch off timer, energy class B

Accessories: carbon filters

Price: £1858 (ex VAT)

Model Description £ (ex VAT)
XK100 100 cm wall hood - 900 m3/h – adjustable 30 to 60 cm chimney – push-button panel with on/off, power, lights, switch off timer functions – 4 LED lights on the lower part – 2 LED lights on the upper part 1858
Le Crueset colour options: £265Amethyst, Mineral Blue, Cotton and Sisal Other colour options: £265 Gloss Black, Cream, Burgundy