Genesi 90 Built-in side by side fridge

Available in:
Standard colours: Gloss Black, Cream, Anthracite, Burgundy and Stainless Steel
Le Creuset colours: Amethyst, Mineral Blue, Cotton and Sisal

Features: 603L volume, outside ice/water dispenser, electronic controls of all functions, double air circulation fan, no-frost system, humidity regulation system, bottle storage, open door alarm, Energy class A

Model Description £ (ex VAT)
GFRB-9 Side-by-side built-in 90 cm refrigerator – water/ice dispenser with plumbing connection – stainless steel clad doors – painted side panels 3893
Le Crueset colour options: £398 SABBIA (SA) – NUVOLA (NA) – AMETISTA (AA) – CELESTE (CE)Other colour options: £398 NERO (BA) - CREMA (CR) - BORDEAUX (BR) – ANTRACITE (AN)

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